Bridge Charts

Back in 1987 an article by Clark Johnson called "Parrot Droppings" appeared in Stardate magazine. The article pointed out that the Science Officer in FASA's Star Trek RPG was relegated to the job of parrotting the computer ... much as Sigorney Weaver's character in the film "Galaxy Quest". To resolve this it was suggested that a series of codes be used for communication between the GM and player so that the player then offers a translation to the other players instead of just parrotting.

This seemed like such a good idea that I decided to modify it for use in Traveller. Below is a series of 'bridge charts' in MS Word97 format. One of each set goes to the Referee, and the other goes to the player holding that position.

Referee Player





It should be possible to make charts up for other positions, too. Commo, Pilot/Nav, Gunner



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