MegaTraveller Advanced Character Generation Career

Players wishing to generate characters in Yori's military may use the standard Advanced Character Generation system presented in the MegaTraveller Players' Manual with the following changes.

  • Choose Human or Zhurphani or throw 1d6: 1-4 Human, 5-6 Zhurphani.

  • Choose home location or throw 1d6: 1-3 Scarland, 4-5 Mountain, 6 Desert.

  • Generate basic stats

Basic Stats
Human Zhurphani
STR 2d6 3d6
DEX 2d6 2d6
END 2d6 3d6
INT 2d6 2d6
EDU 2d6-2 2d6-2
SOC 2d6 2d6

Default Skills

All characters automatically gain Gun Combat-0, Computer-0, Wheeled Vehicle-0. Characters from the desert gain Survival(Desert)-0. All characters also gain one other skill from the following table:

Other Default Skill
1 Local
2 Local
3 Local
4 History (Yori)
5 Language (etip)
6 Quarterstaff

If from Scarland then Local = Herding
If from the mountains then Local = Survival (Mountain)
If from the desert then Local = Survival (Desert)

New Skills:

History represents a in-depth knowledge of the distant past. (Recent history and some key distant historical events are included under EDU.) The history skill is qualified by its focus ... in the case above "History (Yori)" refers to an in-depth knowledge of Yori's distant past, along with its myths.

All characters are assumed to be fluent in Galanglic (the common language of the Third Imperium). Language represents skill in a second language ... level 0 = basic competancy, level 1 = fluent, level 2 = speak/write like a native. Etip is a now dead language from Yori's past (many historical religous documents were written in etip).

Quarterstaff represents skill using a quarterstaff or similar long pole as a weapon. The quarterstaff is a traditional weapon on Yori, especially amoung religious orders. In combat a quarterstaff is considered equivalent to a Cudgel/Staff but with +1 damage if STR 15+.

Apprenticeship (optional)

Characters may choose to join the merchants for one term.

Higher Education (optional)

College (4 years)
Admission 9+ DM +2 if EDU 7+
Success 7+ DM +2 if INT 8+
OTC 8+ DM +1 if SOC 8+
Education 1d6-2 DM +1 if INT 9+
Honours 10+ DM +1 if INT 10+

1 or more points awarded for Education may be traded for additoinal roles on the Other Default Skill table.

Honours graduates will attend further education in the school of their choice: Medical School, Flight School, or Religious School

Religious School (4 years)
Success 8+ DM +2 if EDU 8+
Honours 11+ DM +1 if EDU 11+
Skills +1 EDU
1d6-3 (min=0) levels of History(Yori)
1d6-3 (min=0) levels of Linguistics(etip)
1d6-3 (min=0) levels of Quarterstaff


Once entered service there are 4 branches. Graduates of flight school join the Aero Group, everyone else joins a branch equivalent to their home location.

Military Occupational Speciality (MOS)
Scarland Desert Mountain Aero Group
1 Gun Cbt Gun Cbt Gun Cbt Gun Combat
2 Gun Cbt Hvy Wpns Gun Cbt Vacc Suit
3 Hvy Wpns Vehicle Hvy Wpns Vehicle
4 Hvy Wpns Vehicle Vehicle Vehicle
5 Vehicle Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
6 Environ Survival Environ Survival

Scarland Desert Moutain A.G. H.O.G.
2 Raid Raid Raid Combat Raid
3 Training Training Training Patrol Raid
4 CtrIns Search & Rescue CtrIns Patrol CtrIns
5 Parade Search & Rescue Search & Rescue Transport Police Action
6 Garrison Garrison Garrison Transport Police Action
7 Garrison Garrison Garrison Base Ops Internal Security
8 Training Training Training Training CtrIns
9 Garrison Garrison Garrison Transport CtrIns
10 Internal Security Internal Security Internal Security Base Ops Raid
11 Special Duty Special Duty Special Duty Special Duty Special Duty
12 Special Duty Special Duty Special Duty Special Duty Special Duty

Raid Training CtrIns Parade Garrison Int Security Search & Rescue
Survival 6+ auto 5+ auto auto 4+ 4+
Decoration 7+ none 11+ * none none 12+
Promotion 7+ 8+ 10+ (8+) (7+) 6+ 6+
Skills 6+ 6+ 7+ ** none none 6+
If number in brackets then relates to enlisted personnel only.
* On roll of 11+ gain 1 brownie point
** On roll of 10+ gain Recruiting or Liaison skill

Combat Patrol Transport Training Base Ops
Survival 6+ 4+ 3+ 4+ auto
Decoration 6+ 10+ 12+ none 12+
Promotion 6+ 8+ 10+ 6+ 10+
Skills 6+ 8+ 10+ 6+ 7+
DMs: For Survival +1 if any Flight skill 2+, for Promotion +1 if EDU 7+, for skills +1 if INT 8+

Raid CtrIns Police Action Int Security
Survival 6+ 5+ 4+ 4+
Decoration 5+ 9+ 9+ none
Promotion 6+ 7+ 8+ 7+
Skills 5+ 6+ 7+ none

Special Duty (Regular)
Enlisted Officer
1 Cross-Training Intelligence Sch
2 Specialist Sch Command College
3 H.O.G. Secondment Staff College
4 A.G. Secondment H.O.G. Secondment
5 A.G. Secondment A.G. Secondment
6 OCS Attache/Aide
DM: Enlisted, +1 if EDU 7+

Special Duty (A.G.)
Enlisted Officer
1 Recruiting Recruiting
2 Air-crew Sch Intelligence Sch
3 Base Defense Sch Fwd Obs School
4 Space School Space School
5 OCS Adv Combat School
6 OCS Attache/Aide

Special Duty (H.O.G.)
Enlisted Officer
1 Intelligence Sch Intelligence Sch
2 Specialist Sch Command College
3 Covert Operation Staff College
4 Covert Operation Covert Operation
5 OCS Covert Operation
6 OCS Attache/Aide

Advanced Air Combat school: Throw 4+ (1d6) for Aircraft, Tactics, Gunnery.

Air-crew school: Throw 4+ (1d6) for Gunnery, Navigation, Sensor Ops.

A.G. Secondment: Spend 1 year assigned to an aerospace group. Throw 3+ (1d6) for Vacc Suit, High-G Environ, Zero-G Environ.

Attache/Aide: Roll 1d6 ... 1-4 assigns duty as a military attache, 5-6 duty as aide to a general. An attache receives promotion of one grade and +1 Social Standing. An aide receives +1 Social Standing and selects command duty or a special assignment (not attache/aide).

Base Defense school: Receive Combat Rifleman skill. Throw 4+ (1d6) for Heavy Weapons, Tactics, Leader, ATV, Gunnery.

Command College: Throw 4+ (1d6) for Tactics, Leader, and Recon.

Covert Operation: Survival on 6+. Docoration on 5+. Promotion on 6+. For skills throw 6+ (1d6) for Dagger, Demolitions, Interrogation, Intrusion, Jack-o-Trades, Recon, Rifle, Stealth, Streetwise, and (any).

Cross-Training: Select any combat arm (not FOG) for cross-training. Roll for one skill on the MOS table.

Forward Observer school: Throw 4+ (1d6) for Forward Observer, Recon, Sensor Ops.

H.O.G. Secondment: At start of next term (or immediately if 1st year of term) transfer to H.O.G. for 1 term, then return for a mimimum of 1 term. If not immediate then reroll this years assignment until new term starts. First year of H.O.G. is training (throw 5+ (1d6) for Brawling, Handgun, Demolitions, Intrusion, Stealth, Survival, Recon, Vacc Suit, Dagger and Instruction), thereafter roll H.O.G. assignments for remainder of term.

Intelligence School: Throw 4+ (1d6) for Forgery, Bribery, Streetwise, Interrogation, and Vice.

OCS: Advance to rank O1 (rank E7 advances to rank O2) in current or cross-trained branch. Roll twice on the Service Skills table and once on the MOS table. Rank E8 and E9 are commissioned to Rank O3, adding no skills. OCS is prohibited over age 38 (reroll on the Special Assignments table, and if OCS is selected, a waiver allows attendance).

Recruiting: Receive Recruiting skill.

Space school: Throw 4+ (1d6) for Ship's Boat, Ship Tactics, Navigation, Vacc Suit, Gunnery, Engineering.

Specialist School: Throw 1d6 on the Specialist School table.

Specialist School
1 Academic
2 Medical
3 Space
4 Environ
5 Computer
6 Liaison

Staff College: Throw 4+ (1d6) for Admin, Combat Engineering, Computer, Robot Ops.

Mustering Out

Use standard tables for Army characters as per Players' Manual p20. Characters who have served in the H.O.G. get an additional roll on the Cash Benefits table (this is exempt from the 3 roll limit).



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