The Odyssey Of The Bard Refuge

A campaign of mine, "Voyager", ended without resolution. There were various external reasons for this but I still thought the basic plot premise was interesting. Not wanting to abandon the story, but also unable to continue it in its original form, I hit upon the idea or recreating it as a novel. The first few chapters would be based on actual play but I've taken liberties artistic licence to account for the different medium. (I hope the original players won’t be offended by any change in characterisation.)

This is a single PDF that I will update as each chapter is completed.

I have recently joined a writing group and they are critiquing this for me chapter by chapter. So there have been, and will continue to be a number of changes to existing text for a while.

Work is progressing on the cover (not the mockup you may have seen before). After spending much time with a CGI artist it appears that the Ad Astra mini (made for use with Power Projection) is the most accurate in terms of overall dimensions.


I have now removed this file. The book is nearing completion and for a number of reasons I don't want an old version of the first half laying around. Thanks for all the feedback sent so far.

The Odyssey Of The Bard Refuge
Chapters 1-7 (1.04Mb)



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