The Senate Of The Regina Subsector

The "Senate of the Regina Subsector" is the subsector government for the Regina Subsector. It is a bicameral organisation composed of the Council of Nobles and the Council of Representatives. The Council of Nobles is the dominant council, in theory capable of overruling any decision made by the Council of Representatives, and capable of passing its own decisions without the consent of the Council of Representatives. In practice to keep the popular support of the plebiscite, the members in the Council of Nobles fight most of their political battles by proxy in the Council of Representatives.

The Council of Nobles is an irregularly siting council of the local nobility. It is comprised of the title holders of: the Duchy of Regina, 6 Counties, 6 Marquisettes, and 13 Baronies. Some nobles hold more than one of these titles. For example: The Duke of Regina is also the Count of Aledon, Marquis of Regina, and Baron of Yori.

Each Imperial world in the subsector has one member in the Council of Representatives for every billion permanently resident citizens or part thereof. Non-represented worlds are: Pscias, Shionthy, and Algine, which are interdicted worlds; and Whanga and Pixie, which have insufficient populations to warrant representation. This leaves a total of 67 seats in the council.

The single most powerful planet is Rethe, with 26 seats alone. Next is Efate with 8 seats, Enope with 6 seats, and Menorb and Roup with 3 seats each. All other systems have only 1 seat each.

The council is influenced by informal power blocks such as the Menorb/Kinorb Clusters block, with 9 seats, or the 'Main' block, representing those systems in the subsector that lie on the Spinward Main, and holding 15 seats. Power blocks also align along county lines (Aledon, Dethenes, Enopia, Croesus, Kristie, and Arlington).



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