Imperial 214th Fleet
(Codename: "Foxtrot")

At the start of the Fifth Frontier War, the Imperial 214th Fleet guarded the Imperial border in Glisten subsector. Deployed on a front without action, the fleet moved forward to fortify and consolidate worlds under the Imperial banner until, in mid-1109, the 214th Fleet stood off the rimward border of the Sword Worlds. On 285-1109, the 214th Fleet struck, taking Steel, Mithril, Bronze, and Iron in a short operation lasting less than sixty days. After a short rest, the 214th Fleet continued its attack and destroyed the Sacnoth Fleet in a pitched battle off Sting.

Flag: Admiral Kantaris N. Româo
Location: Glisten/Glisten (Spinward Marches)
Capital class ships: 32
Support ships: 88
Total tonnage: 2.5 million dtons
Troop strength: 275 battalions

Squadron Codename Flag Flagship
BR123 "Brandy" Commodore Bergmann Greer Graphein (Lurenti class Battle Tender)
BR504 "Baker" Commodore Glennis Aprigliano Heptmann (Plankwell class Dreadnaught)
CR358 "Custard" Commodore Jospeh Hanusey Interpe (Wind class Strike Carrier)
CR501 "Candle" Commodore Ike Westheim Warwamo (Ghalalk class Armored Cruiser)
CR502 "Cradle" Commodore Sir Toney Mallinger Cator (Atlantic class Heavy Cruiser)
CR2510 "Queen" Commodore Sir Vanesa Clausel Desideriche (Gionetti class Light Cruiser)

Total ships
1 x Lurenti class Battle Tender
7 x Nolikian class Battle Riders
4 x Plankwell class Dreadnaughts
1 x Wind class Strike Carrier
1 x Arakoine class Strike Cruiser
6 x Ghalalk class Armored Cruisers
4 x Atlantic class Heavy Cruisers
8 x Gionetti class Light Cruisers
3 x Ghent class Medical Frigates
5 x Workhorse class Ordanance Carriers
7 x Midu Agashaam class Destroyers
6 x Gormandoacy class Destroyers
12 x Chrysanthemum class Destroyer Escorts
6 x Fer-de-lance class Destroyer Escorts
11 x PF Sloan class Fleet Escorts
2 x Kinunir class Colonial Cruisers
8 x Lurushaar Kilaalum class Patrol Cruisers
28 x Gazelle class Close Escorts

Total subcraft
240 x Fury class Heavy Fighters
140 x Hawk class Strike Fighters
165 x Mineral class Cutters
12 x Rosendal class Shuttles
8 x Boquist class Pinnace
8 x Versiil class Ship's Boat
28 x Horizon class Gigs
8 x Resolve class G-Carrier
24 x Traveler class Air/Rafts
... not counting any carried by the Medical Frigates or the Ordanance Carriers

Attached troop units
854th Lift Armor Corps (TL15)
1571st Colonial Lift Infantry Corps (TL11)
3012th Lift Armored Cavalry Division (TL15)
3512th Lift Armored Infantry Division (TL14)
3513th Lift Armored Infantry Division (TL14)
88th Lift Infantry Brigade (TL15)
3277th Lift Marine Regiment (TL15)



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