I've tended to find that constantly rewritting how much money a character has in their pocket can become very tiresome. To solve this I made Traveller 'monopoly' money as a player handout. It didn't work very well, but for your entertainment I have provided sample scans of the denominations of Crimp (Imperial Credits) that I made. For an 'authentic' look the artwork was scanned from Traveller sources, so if the orginal artists complain I shall remove this page. Additionally, these notes were made some time ago ... before the Bilandin font was available. Anyway, enjoy.

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Quarter Crimp coin
Half Crimp coin
One Crimp coin
Five Crimp coin
Ten Crimp note
Twenty Crimp note
Fifty Crimp note
One Hundred Crimp note
Yes, the Emperor is upside down (blame the printer).
Five Hundred Crimp note
One Thousand Crimp note
Ten Thousand Crimp note



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