Libuka class Troop Carrier

The Libuka class Troop Carrier is one of the largest starships mass produced in the Imperium. Displacing 1.5 million tons, the Libuka's purpose is as a corps' Base Ship. That is, it carries a corps-sized troop unit, their equipment, and enough supplies for one month's operations on planet.

In addition to supplies (food, water, sundaries, etc) and vehicle stowage, 10 dtons are allocated per trooper. This generous space allowance permits troopers to train while en route, thus maintaining their combat efficiency.

The Libuka is such a big and important target that adding weapons seemed superfluous to its designers: it cannot afford to engage in combat. Instead it was envisaged that the Libuka would be screened by a large array of escorts. This had the secondary advantage of keeping large numbers of hardpoints free as docking points for landing craft (carried on another vessel) and the corps' APCs.

An assault squadron may have 5 Libuka class Troop Carriers and a Workhorse class Ordanance Carrier (which carries additional supplies and a large number of modular cutters).


Detailed Description

1.5 million dtons standard, 21 million cubic meters, close structure configuration


Command=750, Engineering=1650, Services=3000, Security=1500


Jump-4, 1G Maneuver, Power plant-4, 60000 EP, Agility 1


1 bridge, with a Model 7/Fib computer






660000 dtons fuel (1 jump-4 and 28 days endurance)


Carries a corps-sized troop unit (50000 troopers and 5000 vehicles), plus 21274 dton cargo capacity



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