Imperial Navy Decorations
ribbons notes

Starburst for Extreme Heroism: Highest medal rewarded for bravery in combat to be awarded in the Imperium. The SEH is only awarded to individuals who show extraordinary accomplishment on the battlefield in spite of heavy risk to life and limb, heavy resistance, or injury or possibility of death. Needless to say, the SEH is usually awarded posthumously.

Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry: The second highest award for military bravery and valor. The MCG is awarded for distinguished acts of battlefield valor, though usually ones that do not incur as much risk or danger as is incurred for the SEH.

MCG (x2)

MCG (x3)

Meritous Conduct Under Fire: Lowest award for bravery awarded in Imperial military. The medal was largely given out for political and morale reasons as much as for genuine battlefield valor.

MCUF (x2)

MCUF (x3)

Purple Heart
Purple Heart: From ancient Solomani tradition, the Purple Heart is awarded to members of the Imperial and colonial armed forces who are injured in combat. (To qualify an injury must be severe enough to require a period of hospitalisation.)

Purple Heart (x2)

Purple Heart (x3)
Standard arrangement for ribbons is in reverse order of importance (most to least) from left to right. And if more than 3 of same type (other than SEHs) then use 3-award ribbon first followed underneith by more of same type.
Example 1: Someone with 2 SEHs, 1 MCG, 4 MCUFs, and 2 Purple Hearts would have their ribbons arranged thus:
Example 2: Someone with 1 SEH and 1 Purple Heart would have their ribbons arranged thus:



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