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Although this write-up is new it is based on campaign notes reaching back over the past 15 years or more. As such it does not use or incorporate any of the new GURPS:Traveller stuff ... and may even contradict minor points in GURPS:Traveller products like Behind The Claw. (However I was able to slip in the Black Darter ... a Yorian animal described in the online JTAS.) This is not a comment on GURP:Traveller, its just that this material wasn't available when these notes were first developed.

Because it is from my campaign it uses MegaTraveller rules (where applicable) and is set in the 'classic' era. Although it is set 'IMTU' I have tried to match all canon sources I could find (see note about GURPS:Traveller in the paragraph above). This includes an apparent drop in TL from early CT sources compared with later CT and MT sources. Other info comes from TNE, the 5FW boardgame, and Rob Eaglestone's trade rules (available at

The Zurphani

The local minor race (the Zurphani) are actually the Zerp ... a race described in Theta Borealis Sector by Group One (now out of print). This group of Zerp were exiled from their homeworld of Korsu shortly before the Zerp discovered jump drive. The Zurphani's dim recollections of Korsu have become the basis of their mythical hell "Corsu".

The original Zerp are highly aggressive ... a cross between Star Trek's Klingons and 2300AD's Kafers ... and have carved out the Korsung Empire, which covers a few subsectors (part in the Theta Borealis sector). The Zurphani were a small minority of pacifists who went into voluntary exile as far from Korsu as they could get.

Research Station Beta

Located on the planet approximately 4500 km due east of Market. The primary focus of the station is advanced computer and robotics development. This includes AI mainframes, AI robots, and (lately) mainframes with psionic abilities. However, the base also has a wide portfolio of other research topics.

In 1105 an attempt was made to take over the station by a strange alien lifeform codenamed ALPHA. In the chaos the station received extensive damage and an AI robot (designed MAX) escaped ... and is still at large. (MAX is approximately the same as Dr Theodor Krenstein's AB-101 robot ... and was a PC in my campaign for many years.) ALPHA is a green protoplasmic 'parasite' inspired by Through The Eye Of The Needle (by Hal Clement 1978). Basically, I was running a Darkskies-style campaign a 14 years before Darkskies was first broadcast on TV!

Maybe later (when I have more time) I will add the details on the station ... I have the whole thing mapped out.


Year UPP Source
1105 C360757-D De Ri RsB GG Im --- Traveller Book, Supplement 3, Kinunir, Twilight's Peak
1107 C360757-A De Ri RsB 713 Im F1V Spinward Marches Campaign
1116 C360757-A De Ri RsB 713 Im F1V MegaTraveller Imperial Encyclopedia
1117 C360757-A De Ri RsB 713 DD F1V Regency Sourcebook
1202 C360857-D De Ri RsB An 113 Re F1V Regency Sourcebook

In 5FW boardgame (as of 1107) Yori is

  • TL13
  • Starport C
  • 1 SDB
  • 100 defence battalions
  • has 1 Colonial Lift Infantry Brigade (10-13) on planet

J6 Mapping conventions

Rich detail maps use the mapping conventions developed over time by GDW (the original Traveller licence holder). These include displaying high population world names in all upper case, and/or in red for capitols. These conventions are enhanced by world type symbols defined and created by P-O "BeRKA" Bergstedt. The BeRKA system is as follows:

  • Terran World: Atmosphere 6 or 8, Hydrosphere 3+
  • Garden World: Atmosphere 2-9, Hydrosphere 1+, not Terran
  • Glacier World: Some Terran worlds or Garden worlds may be Glacier worlds.
  • Desert World: Atmosphere 2-9, Hydrosphere 0
  • Exotic World: Atmosphere A or D, or (Atmosphere B or C, Hydrosphere 1+)
  • Hothouse World: Atmosphere B or C, Hydrosphere 0
  • Ocean World: Hydrosphere A
  • Ice-capped World: Atmosphere 0 or 1, Hydrosphere 1+
  • Rock Ball: Size 1+, Atmosphere 0, Hydrosphere 0
  • Asteroid Belt: Size 0
  • Unexplored World: No player data is available

The definition for Glacier Worlds is further refined as any Terran World or Garden World where the PRIMARY star in the system is a dwarf, sub-dwarf, or is a main-sequence star of spectral class M3 to M9.



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