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The Council of Advisors is split into 3 main parties. The Orthodox Party believes in a strict adherence to a literal interpretation of the A'chim Papers. The Progressive Party believes the advice of the A'chim Papers to be in the forms of metaphors ... that to be bound by a literal interpretation is foolish. The Centralist Party believes that there is some merit in both Orthodox and Progressive viewpoints, adherence to the A'chim Papers is important but they often have more than one interpretation. In any case all believe that the Council of Advisors must come to some form of consensus before going before the people on a particular issue.

Advisor Lim Farrell
General of the Yorian Army
Member of the Centralist Party
A Zurphani male. Born (in 1063) the only child of goat farmers from the northern most end of Scarland, Lim's mother died when he was still very young. He excelled academically, gaining degrees in Theology and Engineering with honours from Hemdian University. From there he became a Junior Advisor and spent the next seven years surveying desert sites for development, and a further five years in the administration of the government's survey office. More recently he was promoted to Senior Advisor and was chosen by the Council of Advisors to lead Yori's new army ... a task he started by gaining a crash course in military skills from the Colonial Lift Infantry Brigade on-planet. Advisor Farrell is now a capable General, he was a natural leader and his understanding of terrain and administration made up for his lack of hands-on military experience. He has no moral qualms about the use of violence when it is appropriate, and he is totally dedicated to his religion and his world. Politically he is an uneasy Centralist - having both firmly orthodox religious views yet also a sense of pragmatism about his job. He was responsible for Yori's new army being equiped to TL 13 (instead of TL 10).

Advisor Ganggan Dzen
Yorian Government Financial Controller
Member of the Orthodox Party
A Vargr male (born late 1030s). Strange that a Vargr should become a Senior Advisor on Yori. Stranger still that a Vargr would support the Orthodox Party. Little is known of Advisor Dzen's early life, he was not born on Yori. It is known that he was part of a merchant ship crew that traded along the Spinward Main and from there he picked up much of his knowledge of economics and the Imperial economy. He arrived on Yori about 20 years ago, apparently disillusioned with the emptyness of his wondering lifestyle. And on the sands outside Geronemo he claims to have had a vision of the god Zeludeous. At that time the Chaarni was the dominent god and so Dzen became a heretical preacher in Market ... considered by many at the time as a crackpot. But times move on and Zeludeous became the dominant Yorian god. The Council of Advisors, having heard of Dzen's long piety, made him an honourary Advisor. Once admitted to the Council of Advisors Dzen's hidden skill in politics propelled him up the ladder of power until now he decides economic policy for an entire planet. There are some who question the sincerity of Advisor Dzen's beliefs ... but not to his face. Dzen has been a ruthless proponent of Zeludeous' mandate and has worked to destroy any rivals.

Advisor Oscar Sero
Head of Yori's Intelligence Directorate
Member of the Orthodox Party
46 year old Human Male from Yori/Regina
UPP = 458FF7
Admin - 4, Forensics - 3, Interrogation - 3, Legal - 3, History (Yori) - 2, Language (Etip) - 2, Broker - 1, Intrusion - 1, Computer - 0, Grav Vehicle - 0, Medical - 0, Wheeled Vehicle - 0

A 46 year old human male. Oscar Sero looks like a typical meek mild-mannered government pen pusher. He is short, middle aged, slightly pudgy, and keeps himself to himself. Even some of the people who work in the same tunnels (at Big Rock Mountain) as Oscar don't realise who he is. He is the head of the Intelligence Directorate (Yori's secret service) ... a dangerous and powerful man. Oscar was always very bright and well educated. He graduated with honours from college with a law degree. He served 2 terms in the IISS in administration on Regina, liasing with the Imperial Army, and 2 terms with the Yori Police. After this he transferred to Yori's intelligence service. His family upbringing was quiet middle class (his father was a bank manager in Bon-Fargoa, his mother a housewife) and he has always had a very conservative viewpoint. He has a private interest in history, half believing that life was better in the past ... thus his natural support for the Orthodox Party under Zeludeous.

Advisor Snuffy Welden
People's Advocate
Member of the Centralist Party
A Human male (born 1055). With a deep orator's voice and gregarious manner, Snuffy could pass as almost anyone's kindly old grandad or uncle. He seems to take a great interest in the little things in life, tries to know something personal about everyone he meets, and is a great font of useless yet interesting trivia. He also has a fondness for old books (particularly if they are of poetry or philosophy). His role as the People's Advocate means that he is the most senior Court Judge of the Court of Appeals. It is his job to defend the rights of the individual against the state: once an individual has successfully appealed a case before him he then champions its cause throughout the rest of the government structure. In reality he is an accomplished politician. He will negotiate and compromise on any issue ... and he actually has few of the high ideals he leads people to believe he has.



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