MegaTraveller Advanced Character Generation Option

Being a terrorist is different from other career options in Traveller. To start with, since some people may be offended it is highly recommended that the Referee and the players agree that this option is available in the campaign before it is used. Second, the 'terrorist' career is in parallel to the character's 'day job' ... therefore the character should progress through a normal career with the terrorist career as an add-on.

Also note that its possible to be a "terrorist" yet never get any combat skills. This could mean the individual is part of the support infrastructure rather than an active "soldier".


Before resolving any year during Advanced Character Generation a character may attempt to joint a specific terrorist organisation. The player should agree with the Referee which terrorist groups exist in the campaign (for example the Ine Givar) and how the decision to join a specific group is relevant to the character.

Making contact with a terrorist organisation is a dangerous activity in itself and may result in the character's arrest.

To join a terrorist organisation:
Difficult, Streetwise, Hazardous, unskilled OK.

Referee: On a mishap the character is arrested. If in military service roll on the Court-martial table, otherwise use the Court table.

1d6 Court-martial Court
1 Case dismissed Case dismissed
2 Jail (2d6 months), -1 rank Formal Caution
3 Jail (2d6 months), -2 rank Suspended sentence (2d6 months)
4 Jail (2d6 months), DD Jail (2d6 months)
5 Jail (1d6 years), DD Jail (2d6 months)
6 Jail (1d6 years), DD Jail (1d6 years)
(DD=Dishonourable discharge. Brownie points may be used to adjust the result.)

If sucessful the character is a member for life in that terrorist organisation and has a rank of 1 (irrespective of any rank held in their 'day job'). The next few months are spent in a terrorist training camp (some cover story may be needed to explain the character's absence from his normal life) and will gain the following skills on a throw of 4+ on 1d6: Brawling, Combat Rifleman, Small Blade, Demolitions, Gun Combat, Forgery.

(Gun Combat may be used to increase a rifle skill of Combat Rifleman ... say if someone was training to be a sniper ... or to gain Handgun skill.)

Each year

Remaining undiscovered
Each year throw 4+ or 5+ (player's choice) on 2d6 to remain undiscovered. If the 5+ target is chosen then the character has a chance of promotion within the ranks of the terrorist organisation. If a 2 is thrown then the character is killed. If any other fail number is thrown then roll on the following table (if in military service any Jail term is followed by dishonourable discharge).

1 Case dismissed
2 Jail (2d6 months)
3 Jail (1d6 years)
4 Jail (2d6 years)
5 Death Penalty, Escape: KCr10 reward
6 Death Penalty, Escape killing 1d6 guards: KCr100 reward
(Brownie points may not be used to adjust the result.)

Regardless of any other skills recieved the character will gain a skill from his illicit life on 8+. If a skill is gained then roll on the following table:

1 Small Blade
2 Gun Combat
3 Demolitions
4 Vice
5 Recruiting
6 Liaison
7 Leader
DM +1 if terrorist rank 2+

Terrorists start as rank 1 (Cell Member). If the higher 'remain undiscovered' throw was chosen then there is a chance of promotion within the ranks of the terrorist organisation. The character is promoted on [7+rank]+ ... (for example: for a major to be promoted is 11+). The ranks are as follows:

# Typical title
1 Cell Member
2 Cell Leader
3 Lieutenant
4 Major
5 General
6 Elder



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