Market, with a population in excess of 7.6 million people, is the planet's trade hub. While the starport is some distence away at Geronemo, Market is where the real action is. Market has the distribution warehouses that store Yori's imports before shipping to their final onplanet destinations, Market has the export warehouses for everything leaving the planet (other than the production of Soft Spot), Market has the freight brokers, the corporate hiring halls, and Sternmetal LIC's planetary HQ offices. Market has its seamier side too, where anything is for sale ... at a price. A combined passenger and freight monorail link connects with Geronemo (and Geronemo Field) and Soft Spot in one direction, and travels the length of Scarland out to Baxter in the other direction.

Imperial Travel Lodge
A middle class hotel, part of a chain operated by Tukera Lines. Plain but predictable. Cr35-75 per day.
Quiet Night Hotel
Cheap and chearful hotel. Cr20-Cr35 per day.
The Green Tree Inn
A basic middle class inn operated by Omnilodge. As ubiquitous in the Spinward Marches as scout couriers. Cr50-Cr100 per day. ++++
Small branch of a planetary bank. The Advantage Bank specialises in the business traveller. Credit is easier to obtain than from other local banks but late payment penalties are very stiff. All the larger hotels and businesses accept Advantage payment cards.
Trust Bank
Small branch of a planetary bank. The Trust Bank is a popular bank offering good rates. Most of the larger and medium-sized hotels and businesses accept Trust Bank payment cards. Many smaller businesses, too.
The most ubiquitous sight of any Imperial startown, specialising in take away/eat in fast food (reconstituted protein burgers).
  The Happy Frier
A ubiquitous take away fast food outlet specialising in deep fried foods (fish and chips, battered chicken, deep fried candy bars, etc).
  The Rat Barrel
A small take away fast food outlet specialising in burgers and other meat products made from farmed rodents. Also dispenses beer.
  The Rib Shack
A tiny, yet popular, one-man take away fast food outlet. Specialising in BBQ spare ribs and chips. Open all night.
A common electronics shop ... personal communicators, small bathroom and domestic appliances, computers.
Comm Shack
A common electronics shop ... personal communicators, electronics tool kits, and toys.
A cake and sweet pastry shop, specialising in a wide variety of donuts.
A trendy clothing shop. Merchandise is generally of susperior quality ... and sport a small donkey logo.
A trendy clothes shop targeting the youth market (teenagers and twenty-somethings).
Department store specialising in General Products merchandise.
House Of Coal
A trendy youth-orientated A/V media shop. Well stocked with the latest music tiles. Also has exclusive local distribution rights to several major offworld video titles (including "Pirates of the Blood Asteroids").
  Monks Fudge
... confectionry shop
Net Effect
A youth-orientated A/V media shop. Well stocked with the latest music tiles. Net Effect defines itself as a cool alternative to House Of Coal's overt trendyism.
An electronics shop exclusively for ReID brand goods ... personal communicators, computers, A/V tile players, personal music tile players, etc. ("ReID" is the local retail name for Naasirka's consumer electronics range.) ReID can be pronounced as "Re-ID" or "Reed".
  Skirt Boy
... trendy clothes shop
... pharmacy shop
  Community Centre
... Yori state religion center
  Yori Tourist Centre
This moderate sized facility provides general information, translation services, and legal aid, for tourists and business travellers. It can even direct visitors to an appropriate hotel.



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