Looking for accomodation in the city of Devil's Fork?
We offer you a chance to Enjoy Yori!


Enjoy Yori are specialists in short term home rental. We'd like to introduce ourselves! We specialise in short term home rentals for businessmen and travellers in the city of Devil's Fork. We are highly experienced in short-term letting. Over the last 5 years our clients have returned with gratifying regularity showing that we are in tune with people's requirements.




We have an extensive portfolio of privately owned homes in central Devil's Fork. Each property is unique and individual as they are all second homes and their owners personal taste and belongings add to their charm. Instead of suffering the constraints of living in a hotel, why not try an apartment or even a house. Many of our properties have bedrooms larger than your average hotel bedroom and on top of this you get a Bathroom, kitchen and a living room in for example, a one bedroom property.




Where do we begin! As mentioned previously, you get more space than a hotel and that means more for your MONEY. Our prices represent good value and compare very well to current Devil's Fork hotel charges. For the average nightly cost of a two star hotel double bedroom, you can rent a two bedroom apartment!

All of our properties have well equipped kitchens, many with washing machines and tumble dryers. The kitchen will have all the cutlery, china and cooking utensils required during your stay. This offers the freedom to prepare your own meals, have breakfast in bed or even have a dinner party.

The living room provides the perfect settings for relaxing, entertaining or even informal business meetings. Some of our larger properties also have separate dining rooms. All of our properties are convenient for the best restaurants, theatres, shops, museums and public transport.

We are able to rent the properties for a minimum one night stay. Although the idea of renting a privately owned home is total independence, you can, if you require, ask us for help during your stay. We can assist with transport to and from the starport, theatre bookings, food packs, and laundry. We can also arrange maid service and baby sitting should you wish. We also can assist you with a qualified guide and translator from Anglic to Yorian.


We offer you a chance to Enjoy Yori!


STUDIO (sleeps 1-2 Persons) : From Cr20/night
ONE BEDROOM (sleeps 1-2 persons) : From Cr25/night
TWO BEDROOM (sleeps 1-4 persons) : From Cr30/night


Desert Tours also available. For further details or to make an enquiry, please contact :
CommLink: 643-224-5665
Enjoy Yori
3, Barnova Street, M116, AP14
Devil's Fork - YORI