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Nothing currently planned.
Deep Link Policy

There is no copyright interest in a link but a lot of people think there is - including some Danish courts. The right to link is fundamental to the ability to construct indicies and databases of the internet, and participate in discourse on the net - it's a free speech issue [and] an internet architecture issue. We may as well kiss the web goodbye if we can't arbitrarily link to things.

Cory Doctorow (EFF)
as reported in Computer Shopper

In other words, go ahead and deep link to the pages on this site if you wish. Those who foolishly dislike deep linking have missed the point of the web.

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When are we next getting together?
Plans, pictures, and notes for shelter in FS.
Software: Soundz
A sound effects management program for any game.
Software: SSC Editor
Tool to edit Celestia SSC files.



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