Campaign Write-Up
Introduction (The War Years)

What follows are not fully fleshed-out adventures ready to be used, they are a log of an old campaign. They are presented here as a possible source of ideas ...

During the Fifth Frontier War the player characters (junior Imperial Navy officers and/or NCOs) were assigned to an Irregular Operations team in the Imperial 214th Fleet. The 214th Fleet was stationed at Glisten but as the war progressed it moves up to attack the Sword Worlds rimward flank. Irregular Operations includes fleet security patrols, search and rescue missions, courier duty, extraction of intelligence operatives, and anything else the referee can think of ... Basically it is the "Odd-job squad".

The player characters were billeted aboard the Warwamo, a 50,000 dton Ghalalk class Armoured Cruiser (squadron flagship of CruRon 501). Their chain of command starts with Lieutenant Thur Minka, to Intelligence Officer Eric Thorn, ship Captain Lydia Zeromski, Squadron Commander Westheim, and finally Fleet Admiral Rom‚o.

A number of 'dummy' missions were run to get the players used to their situation and to get them to think of the Warwamo as home.

Sound effects and soundtracks were used (as suggested in DGP's Digest 17). "The Imperial March" from The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack indicated the fleet was present, and the players were familiarised with a 'General Quarters' alarm, 'Red Alert' alarm, and 'Decompression Warning' alarm. Additionally, the first 64 seconds of "Prologue" from the Evil Dead 3 (Army of Darkness) soundtrack was used as a starting theme to a Traveller gaming session, and "Manly Men" from the same album became the ending theme to a Traveller gaming session.

  Chapter 1: Odd Jobs last updated
Episode 1: Regimental Blues
This adventure should be a simple cake walk. When I ran it my players went off mission very quickly ... GDW's Tarsus box set is required.
Episode 2: Murder He Wrote
Back at the fleet the group are framed for murder.
  Chapter 2: Cold Sword last updated
This adventure was never actually run ... it was aborted in favour of the next adventure "Fire And Ice". However, it is presented here as either an aid for Fire And Ice or as a more conventional alternative. It would be beneficial to have GDW's Double Adventure 2: Mission on Mithril.
"Prepare for immediate operations to transport a covert raiding force to and from Mithril in the Sword Worlds, and investigate any enemy activity there ..."
  Chapter 3: Fire And Ice last updated
Episode 1: Midnight Madness
This first episode is very linear. It should be played with haste and confusion (like a session of Paranoia) to rattle the players and limit their resources in later episodes. At the end of this episode there should be many NPC's which can be converted into player characters, so don't be afraid to kill off any player characters who move too slowly!
Episode 2: A Cold Day
The second episode is a little more relaxed than the first, and it would be beneficial to have GDW's Double Adventure 2: Mission on Mithril. (In fact it's just a minor variant of that adventure.)
Episode 3: City Of Darkness
Episode three features a hidden Ancient site on Mithril. Marooned on an enemy occupied planet, with a lifeboat of NPC's waiting for rescue, and with limited resources the party discover the real reason for the Sword World presence on Mithril.
Episode 4: The Harvest
The fourth and final episode is the punch-line, so to speak, of the whole adventure. The party has stumbled into a nasty little trap, from which escaping is by no means assured.



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