The award winning Traveller science fiction role-playing game was originally published in 1977 by GDW. It has progressed through a number of editions: Classic Traveller (CT) by GDW, MegaTraveller (MT) by GDW, The New Era (TNE) by GDW, and Marc Miller's Traveller (T4) by Imperium Games. Now there are two new main editions published in parallel: Mongoose Traveller (MGT) by Mongoose Publishing, and Traveller5 (T5) by Far Future Enterprises. Additionally, there is now an official GURPS edition (GT) by SJ Games, an official D20 edition (T20) by QLI, and an official HeroQuest edition (HT) by Avenger Games.
2300AD is a hard science fiction role playing game published by GDW. It is set in the same fictional universe as Twilight:2000 but 300 years on. The first edition was called Traveller:2300 but this was confusing for some who thought it had something to do with the award winning Traveller RPG (also by GDW), and so the second edition bore the name 2300AD. Since the demise of GDW in 1996 ownership of 2300AD has passed through a number of hands and now belongs to Far Future Enterprises.
Neverwinter Nights
A computerised version of Dungeons & Dragons.
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